August 26th Newsletter

August 26, 2018 Newsletter

We are full steam ahead in all our classes.  The students are getting used to the schedule and we are working hard on staying organized.  Your student should be bringing home their Assignment book each night to be signed.  I have a few students who are not turning their homework in on time.  Please check their folders to make sure they are completing assignments.    

This week:

Reading/Grammar/Spelling- In Reading, we are making inferences (drawing conclusions). We are working on subject and predicates in Grammar.  In Spelling, we are working on long vowel sounds and compound words.  Our weekly test will be on Thursday this week.

Religion- We are discussing Genesis 11: 1-9, “The Tower of Babel”. 

History- We are discussing American Symbols and the United States Flag.  We will have a test next Wednesday over our discussion.  A study guide will go home on Wednesday.

Memory- We will have no Memory on Friday, August 30th and Tuesday, August or Tuesday, September 3rd

PE- We will start PE the first week of September.  Your child MUST wear tennis shoes to PE to participate.  They may bring tennis shoes to school or keep a pair here if they have an old, extra pair that still fits. 

Math and Science- Please contact Mrs. Smith with any questions or concerns, ssmith@stjohnshannibal.org.

Other notesThe after-school club sheet and money is due tomorrow, August 28th.  Also, please encourage your student to continue to sell, sell, sell those cookies!!  The order form and money for the fundraiser is due September 3rd.  The fundraiser helps our school.

We have been experiencing some technological issues with Sycamore.   I will have the students grades into Sycamore by the weekend.  The website is www.sycamoreducation.com.  If you do not remember your login/password or do not have an account, please contact the office. I hope you are all looking forward to the 4-day weekend!  The teachers are looking forward to Development Day with Gerry Brooks, an elementary principal from Kentucky and a national speaker, who is also a humorous internet star for his videos that inspire educators to improve education through action.  You can check out his video’s on You Tube.

May you have a safe and blessed Labor Day weekend! 

In His Name,

Mrs. Thomas


Dear Parents,

Hello!  It has been a busy and exciting few days to start off the school year.  I have really enjoyed my time with your students.  We have been busy adjusting and getting to know our classmates, class schedule, and class rules.  I will be sending home a weekly newsletter and your student's grades will be updated weekly.

Each Thursday, your student will be bringing home their class work.   I try my very best to help each student with their work, but it helps when a parent/guardian goes over their work at home, too.  We have a test every Friday in Reading/Grammar and Spelling.  On Thursday night when you receive their homework papers, it would be a great time to reinforce the subject to get them ready for the test.  I highly encourage that your child reads for 20 minutes every night, if at all possible.

The I-pads have not arrived at school just yet.   We are praying for next week or at least by September 1st.  I hope we can all be patient and understanding as we await their arrival.  The Spelling tests are generally on their I-pads, but until our I-pads arrive, I will be giving the Spelling tests orally and the Vocabulary test on paper.   

Here is what is happening this week:

Religion-  We are discussing the book of Genesis.  This includes the beginning story with Adam and Eve to the Tower of Babel. 

Memory- Friday's memory is Romans 5:10.  "For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by His life."

Reading- We are talking about how to summarize a story using the characters, setting, and plot. Our first book report will be due October 4th.  The students will be able to pick out their own book.  Your student needs to have their book chosen by next week.  I will be sending home a rubric soon.   

Grammar-  It's all about sentences this week.  Sentence structure, sentence fragments and the difference between Imperative, Declarative, Interrogative and Exclamatory sentences. 

Spelling- The test is on Friday.  The Spelling words are also used for the Vocabulary test. Here is the list:  astronaut, telephone, automobile, photography, mechanical, myth, television, phonics, automatic, photograph, telescope, mythical, telegraph, mechanic, telegram, telephoto, autograph, astronomer, disaster, homophone, correction, discussion, decoration, videophone, and photogenic. 

History- History of American symbols and the Star Spangled Banner.

Science and Math- Please contact Mrs. Smith if you have questions or concerns. Her email is ssmith@stjohnshannibal.org

Other notes-- Please make sure that your child wears or brings tennis shoes on Monday's and Friday's for PE.  They will not be allowed to participate if they do not have the appropriate footwear.  Also, St. John's is enforcing the dress code for the length of shorts, skirts, etc.  Please check the school handbook for any concerns on length.  Chapel has been moved to Thursday at 8am just for this week due to school pictures.  You are always welcome to come worship with us at Chapel every Wednesday at 8am.  

We are also working on organization.  Your student has folders for most of their classes and a take-home folder.  They are to have their assignment book signed each night by a parent/guardian. I am hoping to make them responsible young adults!  Your children are truly a blessing to me.  I pray for each of them and your families daily.   May God bless each one of you this school year.  May you feel God's love surround you this day and always.

Blessings in Christ,

Becky Thomas