October 21, 2018
October 21, 2018

What a busy weekend!  Cheese soup prep and selling at the Folklife Festival.  A HUGE thanks to all who volunteered your time and energy to, once again, make this a successful weekend for St. John's.  It always thrills me to hear, "I can't go to the festival and get cheese soup!"


This week is parent-teacher conferences.  See below for the schedule:


Monday: Livia/Landon 3:45-4  Eric 4:15-4:30  Atticus 4:30-4:45  Alana 4:45-5  Cau Bai 5-5:15

Tuesday: Zack 3:45- 4  Isabella 4-4:15  Remi 4:30-4:45

Wednesday: Hannah 3:45-4  Nate 4-4:15

I look forward to visiting with each of you about your child and answering any questions you may have about the first quarter for grades 5/6.


Due to conferences this week, Friday will be a "no school" day.  I know that my students are looking forward to a 3 day weekend. 


This is what our week looks like with subjects.


History-Immigrants and Urban Life



Spelling-VCCV and VCV words for 6th grade  and closed syllables for 5th grade


Reading-We will be discussing the book reports that will be due November 16.  I am excited because each student will be reading an autobiography or biography.  I look forward to seeing the reports.  Thank you ahead of time for helping them with the project that they will be choosing.  Also, each class will be starting a new LIT set this week. 


Science-still looking at cells and all of the many details that go with them.


Religion-Talking about how we can show Jesus to others in our daily lives.  It's good to hear how the students serve Jesus daily by helping others in various ways and to help them think about what it means to others, them and Jesus when they do. 


Have a blessed week. See you at your conference.


Mrs. Miller 

October 08, 2018
October 8, 2018

Good evening,


As many of you know I had a complication from my back surgery that I had this past summer.  I apologize for the time I missed from school and also I thank those of you that prayed for me during my hospital stay and downtime at home.


This week we are continuing to study;


HEALTH- heart/heart health/exercise and healthy foods for a healthy heart


SCIENCE- cells/both plant and animal/their makeup/DNA/their purpose


READING/SPELLING/GRAMMAR- 5th grade is reading a book called, "Love that Dog", 6th grade is reading a book on space and planets.  Spelling words are from the textbooks.  Grammar/nouns, both plural and singular/verbs with ed and ing endings/writing personal and formal letters.


RELIGION- the Holy Spirit and its power


HISTORY- The Industrial Age


Today you should have received the form to complete and return for parent-teacher conferences that are coming up the week of October 22.  Please return as soon as possible so that I can firm up the schedule and get back to you.  I look forward to visiting with each of you about your child and the progress they have made this year.


SCIENCE FAIR- Please be discussing this with your child as shortly after Christmas I will need to know what they want to do their project on.


FOLKLIFE Festival/CHEESE SOUP BOOTH-this is a HUGE fundraiser for the school. Any and all help is appreciated.  Please call the school to volunteer or contact Devron Sternke. 


I think that's it! Have a blessed week.


Mrs. Miller

September 24, 2018
Week of September 24, 2018



Good early morning to each of you!  This last week was not an easy one for me but one that I pray brought God GLORY in every way.  I have appreciated any and all prayers on my behalf and continue to covet them in the weeks ahead.


I want to thank St. John's for the love and support that I get from the faculty and staff and members of the church as well as the substitutes, students, and parents that are affected by my absence.  I thank God for the each of you daily!


This is the 6th week of school and things keep moving on, even though I am not there. :)   Mid-quarter grades did not make it home last week but will be coming home today.  Please go over these, sign and return.  Remind your student that they need to always put forth their best effort and to turn in ALL Assignments.


This week we will be reviewing nouns, common and proper

                              writing letters, using correct punctuation, capitalization, etc.

                              reviewing and studying for a History test on the Civil War and Reconstruction Period

                              learning more about the Holy Spirit in our lives 

                              and working on and presenting Science presentations, about cells and functions, as groups


I am sorry I was unable to be present at church and the Open House yesterday.  Thank you to the parents who saw to it that your child was there to sing and thanks to all that turned out for the Open House.  Those I talked to said that it was a great day and that the attendance was wonderful! 


Blessings to each of you as you begin the first week of Fall!


Mrs. Miller


September 09, 2018
Week 4 (9/10-9/14)

This is the fourth full week of the 2018-19 school year.  With each day I feel that the students are settling in and getting more comfortable with the IPads.   We have had some kinks and I am hopeful that all of these will be worked out very soon.  If you have any questions about the IPads please let me know.  I do not know ALL, but I know who to call that can help me.  :-)


This week:   


Spelling- Spelling words are written in their planners and also are on the IPads on Mondays and are there all week. 


Reading- We are wrapping up the book "Holes".  


Grammar- We are studying compound sentences and clauses, diagrams and timeline reading. 


History-  We are continuing the study of the Civil War.


Science-  Still studying plant and animal cells, also we are looking at and observing our last week's experiments about preserving foods.  The students seem to be enjoying these weekly experiments.


Health- We are studying the heart and its functions and parts.


Religion-We are continuing to study how God has spoken to us in the Bible through the ages and continues to.  We are going to make a scripture water bottle for each student to give to someone this week with their favorite scripture attached to it.


Last week we were able to begin using the school library.  A HUGE thanks to everyone that has been involved with this throughout the summer and early school year. 


I have been getting positive feedback from parents as to the weekly updates on your child's grades and sending their papers home only on Fridays.  I hope this gives you a better understanding as to their ongoing grades when you look at these.  The first quarter will be half over this Friday, thus next Monday a mid-quarter report will come home.


September 23, 3rd through 7th grades will sing in the morning worship at St. John's.  Please make every attempt to have your child there.  If you know in advance that they will not be there please send a note ahead of time.  This is per Mrs. Adcock as we need to know who will and who will not be there.  :-) 


As always thank you for the help and encouragement that you give your students.  I appreciate your support.



Mrs. Miller ~