August 18, 2019
August 19, 2019

Kindergarten Newsletter


Newsletter: This is your weekly newsletter. I try to put all reminders and information you need to know in it. I have emailed a link to access our newsletter on our school website. Please let me know if you did not receive it because I am not going to send home paper copies unless requested to. In a few weeks I am hoping to have parents looking on Sycamore. Look for that information to come home soon.


Student Folders:  Be Sure to initial in your child's folder every time I write a note. This will help me know that my note made it home to a parent. 


P.E. Shoes: Your child will need to either wear a pair of tennis shoes every Tuesday and Thursday or have a pair to change into right before P.E. He/she will not be able to participate in P.E. without appropriate foot wear. We will begin P.E. the first week of September.


Cookie Dough Sales:  Don't forget to sell cookie dough and look at the time line for when achiever coupons are due.


Scholastic Book Orders: There are two ways that you can order books. 1. You can wait until I send home a flier or 2. You can go online and order using our class code MG82R.


Super Kids Reading Program Online:  I sent out parent emails over the weekend. Be sure to set up your account and spend a little bit of time exploring. There are resources in the parent portal that you might like to use. Let me know if you need help setting up your account. I will teach students how to log into the student portal early this week! :)  Please let me know if you did not receive your parent email.


 Important Dates


 8/21 Picture Day



9/3 Cookie Dough Sales End

9/5 PTL Kickoff 

9/6 Book Orders Due

9/26 St. John's Quarter Madness

9/29 5th-8th Grades sing at church



What we will learn this week

Reading/ Language Arts:  Cass

  • Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Cc /K/ (The sound that the letter C makes. Example - Cat)
  • Books:  How Food Grows, Cass
  • Handwriting:  Cc, Names
  • Writing- Drawing Curved Lines and Round Shapes


  • Explore new math manipulatives such as teddy bear counters and pattern blocks
  • Graphs- We will show the number of boys and girls in our class on a graph.
  • Counting to 5
  • Sky write and learn the songs for numbers 1-6 (You will see these songs on the back of our math worksheets everyday.)


Religion:  This week our story will be "God Created People" Genesis 1:26-31

  • Your child will learn that God made people to live in the wonderful world that He created. God makes every person to be special and unique. It is important to take time to recognize things that your child does in a special way. Praise your child each day for some specific reason. Enjoy the way God has designed him/her, and tell him/her that you appreciate God's wonderful work. This school year your child will grow not only in reading and writing skills, but physically. Perhaps your child will learn to tie shoes, skip, blow a bubble, or will loose his/her first tooth. Praise God for His beautiful plan. 
  • Forgive your child when he/she makes mistakes and doesn't live like God's perfectly designed creation. Help your child establish healthy habits physically, socially and emotionally. Remember that God designed us perfectly, but he also sent his Son, Jesus, whom was created to live a perfect life because we couldn't. Jesus came to this world to save us so that we can live in heaven someday and be perfect again.

Social Studies: 

  • Being a good citizen
  • Rules in and out of the classroom
  • Taking Turns and Sharing



Material introduction

  • Liquid glue- How to glue neatly
  • Scissor safety- how to hold and use scissors



    • Our Five Senses