October 06, 2019
October 7, 2019

Important information:


Pizza Hut Book It:  There is still time to sign up. When you sign your child up I will put a book log in his/her folder.


Parent Teacher Conferences:  A conference time preferences sheet will go home early this week. Be sure to pick your top three time preferences and send back ASAP.


Homework Calendar:  Be sure to initial your child's homework calendar so that I know he/she has completed assignments. It is okay if your child has to complete an assignment the next day if there is a conflict. Missing 0-3 assignments will be a Satisfactory mark on the report card, 4-6 will be an Improving grade, and 7+ will be Unsatisfactory.


Substitute Teacher:  I will be at the Lutheran Educator Association Convocation Thursday- Saturday. There will be a substitute teacher in our classroom on Thursday and Friday. 


Important Dates:

10/11 End of First Quarter

10/13 3rd-4th grades sing at church

10/17 Papa John's Day

19/20 Folk Life Festival

10/21-24 Parent Teacher Conferences after school


10/31 Trunk or Treat at St. John's. Reformation Day



What We Are Learning in Class this Week


  • We will continue our unit with our Superkid Alf on Monday.
  • Tuesday we will begin a new unit with a new SuperKid!


  • Triangles and Squares
  • Position words (0n, over, under, etc.)
  • Extending AB patterns
  • Sorting a collection of objects
  • Ordering numbers 1-10
  • Finding a missing number

Religion:   Joseph's Brothers Get Food in Egypt

  • Joseph went through difficult times, but God used him to save many people from famine.
  • Sometimes we do not understand why things happen to us, but we know that God never stops loving and caring for us.
  • We will learn to remember to pray to God, trusting Him when facing troubled times.

Social Studies:

  • We will begin our unit about Our Country
  • The American Flag
  • Fire Safety 


  • What animals need 
September 15, 2019
September 16, 2019

Important information:


Bible Verse Quiz:  Everyone did great on their bible verse quizzes last week. Thank you for all your help with practicing at home. Be sure to practice the verse on your child's homework calendar every week.




Important Dates:


9/19 Papa John's Night

9/26 St. John's Quarter Madness

9/27 Cookie Dough Pick Up

9/29 5th-8th Grades sing at church



What Will We Learn in Kindergarten This Week?


Reading/Language Arts:  Unit 3: Golly

  • Letter and sound:  Gg
  • Handwriting:  Gg
  • Writing: opinions, drawing to tell favorite things/ favorite character
  • Reading: print and book awareness
  • Lasting Lessons: Being Polite


  • Acting Out Story Problems
  • Identifying, Describing, and Comparing Circles and Rectangles
  • Identifying and Ordering #'s 1-5
  • Objects on a Graph


Religion: Story 5:  God Blesses Abraham Genesis 12:1-9 

  • God promised Abraham that all people would be blessed through his family because the Savior would come from his descendants.
  • God gives all His children the blessing of the Savior.

Social Studies: 

  • Taking Responsibility
  • Solving Problems

Science: Real and Pretend

  • Science Tools
  • Living and Non Living Things