Benefit Festival & Auction

Ephrata Mennonite School’s Festival & Auction is taking place on June 18 and 19, 2021.  Come out and enjoy a pig roast supper Friday evening from 4:30-7:00 PM.  The general auction will start at 5:30 PM.  On Saturday morning we will be serving a lighter breakfast from 7:30-9:00 AM. Breakfast sandwiches, French toast sticks, yogurt parfaits, donuts, coffee and juice. A  delicious chicken BBQ lunch will be served from 11:00 - 1:00 PM.  Here are a few items on the menu that you can look forward to, sausage sandwiches, walking taco's, fresh made soft pretzels, fresh squeezed lemonade, salads, fruit smoothies, plus more delicious food will also be available.   Certificates will be auctioned off along with many other general items.  Ryan and Friends will be performing at 9 AM on Saturday.  For the children there will be a children’s auction at 10 AM, and carnival games begin after the children’s auction.  There will also be face painting, pony rides, a bouncy house and barrel train.

School Year 2021-22 Calendar Modified

Per the survey results, we did work to revise the calendar to reflect the completing desires for a later start and still a long Easter Break. We were able to move the start of the year back a week and still keep a one week long Easter break with a few modifications to the schedule and built in snow days. Below are the updated significant dates. See SIS or our School website calendar for additional details.


Aug. 18  - Kindergarten Orientation

Aug. 25 – First Day of School, Noon Dismissal

Sept. 3 – Noon Dismissal (Labor Day Weekend)

Sept. 6 – No School (Labor Day)

Oct. 22 – No School (Teacher PD Day)

Oct. 25 – Quarter 2 Begins

Nov. 3-5 - Noon Dismissals (P-T Conferences)

Nov. 24 - Noon Dismissal (Thanksgiving Vacation begins)

Nov. 25-29 – Thanksgiving Vacation

Dec. 8 – Noon Dismissal, Christmas Program, 7:00 PM

Dec. 23 – Noon Dismissal, Christmas Vacation Begins

Dec. 24-Jan. 2 – Christmas/New Year’s Vacation

Jan. 3 – No School, Teacher PD Day      

May 8 2021 Ephrata Mennonite School 5k Results

Taanks for supporting the Senior Class of 2022. Here are the results from the 5K.

Name Age Gender BIB # Race Time
Tim N 22 M 297 18:01
Josh W 19 M 287 18:21
Timothy N 30 M 368 18:51
Clark W 16 M 339 20:19
Tyler H 19 M 291 20:26
Ethan M 15 M 371 20:45
Jamal W 13 M 284 20:52
Josh B 18 M 360 21:49
Jason W 42 M 308 22:07
Jerell W 15 M 336 22:44
Gary Z 47 M 314 22:46
Patrick Z 19 M 361 22:48
Stephen P 45 M 312 22:48
Abby A 32 F 344 22:50
Thomas M 15 M 335 22:54
Michael S 14 M 373 23:26
Alexander W 14 M 329 23:40
Dwayne F 50 M 315 23:41
Miranda W 20 F 294 23:57
Kade M 14 M 332 24:00
Bradon W 12 M 279 24:11
Sheila Z 39 F 304 24:19
Maria R 41 F 326 24:45
Christopher B 31 M 341 24:50
Priscilla C 35 F 350 25:09
Brendon W 41 M 307 25:17
Thomas D 65 M 370 25:30
Kenny M 38 M 303 25:33
Kyle H 26 M 367 25:35
Trey M 13 M 285 25:45
Omar Jr. S 11 M 372 25:53
Dwight S 38 M 300 25:59
Holly P 30 F 299 26:01
Sheldon N 32 M 345 26:28
Mya R 14 F 334 26:30
Bryanna F 22 F 296 26:45
Kierra M 13 F 327 26:51
LeAnna R 20 F 293 26:58
Jared B 14 M 328 27:27
Joelle B 12 F 280 27:37
Michelle B 36 F 362 27:39
Paul Jr. H 40 M 369 27:46
Alexis N 11 F 278 28:20
Sheldon H 37 M 365 28:25
Laurie W 15 F 338 28:38
Candace F 14 F 330 28:40
Krista W 19 F 286 28:45
Reba P 46 F 313 29:04
Josh G 44 M 311 29:13
Kyra M 13 F 333 29:14
Dan A 62 M 319 29:57
Lydia F 10 F 277 30:21
Brian F 50 M 316 30:21
Marta M 36 F 363 31:16
Tony H 43 M 310 31:27
Charity L 36 F 352 32:08
Dustin B 7 M 275 32:32
Jerry B 32 M 343 32:33
Allison R 17 F 356 32:35
Kari S 33 F 347 33:09
Thaddeus H 21 M 295 33:15
Annie F 17 F 357 33:45
Jessica M 33 F 349 34:02
Haley F 17 F 358 34:14
Megan F 28 F 325 34:24
Josh F 27 M 324 34:25
Cindy F 38 F 302 34:50
Ashley M 28 F 298 34:54
Kyla M 14 F 331 35:03
Kiara M 20 F 292 35:03
Erika H 33 F 348 35:03
Colleen B 37 F 364 35:38
Kaylie M 17 F 355 36:33
Miranda W 9 F 276 36:49
Amber S 16 F 354 37:04
Jen W 31 F 340 37:19
Melissa S 32 F 346 37:27
Sheila B 40 F 305 37:32
Julia E 12 F 283 38:30
Makenna R 13 F 366 41:20
Janelle W 38 F 301 42:23
Jodi R 58 F 318 46:41
Kylie W 12 F 281 46:50
Eduard Z 12 M 282 46:50
Amanda W 35 F 351 46:50
Tara G 40 F 306 47:12
Shanda N 18 F 359 48:32
Kya S 19 F 288 48:32
Hadassa M 19 F 289 48:32
Terry E 72 F 322 49:07
Ruthann W 64 F 320 50:43
Krista W 31 F 342 57:25

School Closed - Friday, February 19

Ephrata Mennonite School is now closed for Friday, February 19 due to the snow.

CLOSED Thursday, February 18

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed Thursday, February 18, 2021 due to the snow.

2-Hour Delay for Thursday, February 11

Ephrata Mennonite School is on a 2-Hour Delay for Thursday, February 11

5K Run/Walk​, Kids Fun Run and Chicken BBQ - May 8th, 2021

5K Run/Walk ​ & Kids Fun Run
Saturday, May 8th, 2021 at Ephrata Mennonite School
Benefits 2022 Senior Trip

Start time 9:00AM Registration begins @ 8:00am

Pre-register by April 24th: $25 per runner (After April 24th: $30 per runner - paid at registration)
All Pre-registered Runners will receive a T-shirt; day of race T-shirts subject to availability.

For More info or registration form:
Email: ​ems5krunwalk@gmail.com
Call: 717-468-8510


Kids ​C​o​l​o​r Fun Run Race
Cost: $10
For kids 12 and under
Kids wear white T-Shirt! ;)
Parent/guardian must sign waiver at registration!
The Kid’s Fun Run race will start after the finish of 5K


Chicken BBQ Meal

$10 - Chicken leg, cheesy potatoes, roll, applesauce, whoopie pie, drink
10:00am - sold out


Link for Flyer

Link for 5k Sign up Sheet

Re-enrollment Time

Just a reminder that it is re-enrollment time of the year. If you haven't already please complete this re-enrollment form. Here also is the direct link to the Scholarship Form through Simple Tuition Solutions. Please apply by May 1st. Please contact Mrs. Copenahver or Mr. Good if you have any questions.

2-Hour Delay for Friday, February 5

Ephrata Mennonite School is on a 2-Hour Delay for Friday, February 5.

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed for Tuesday, February 2

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed for Tuesday, February 2. Note that when school is canceled for the day, automatically all after school activities are also canceled.

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed for Monday, Feb 1

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed tomorrow (Monday, Feb 1).

Two Hour DELAY for Tuesday, January 26

Ephrata Mennonite School is on a Two Hour Delay for Tuesday, January 26.

EMS Spelling Bee Canceled for 2021

Due to the ongoing concerns of Covid and large public events (especially in the tight space of the EMS gym), the Ephrata Mennonite School Spelling Bee Committee along with the School Leadership Team has canceled the Spelling Bee for February 2021.

Two Hour DELAY for Friday, December 18

Ephrata Mennonite is on a Two Hour Delay for Friday, December 18.


Bible Memory for Grades 1-12 will be due on Monday.

CLOSED Thursday, December 17

Ephrata Mennonite School is closed Thursday, December 17 due to the Snow.

NOON Dismissal - Dec 16 Snow

Ephrata Mennonite School will be dismissing at Noon on Wednesday, Dec 16. Hot Lunch will be moved to Tuesday (Dec 22) .

Ephrata Mennonite School's Student Information System

The website to bookmark for our School's Student Information System (SIS), where you will find your children's academic progress, calendar notes, and a lot more) is app.sycamoreschool.com/index.php?schoolid=2174 and you will login with information you should have received via email. You can also login via Sycamore School's Android app.

If you have any questions about your login information please contact Mrs. Copenhaver in the school office (office@ephratamennonite.org).

School Supply List

The 2020-21 School Supply List is ready again for the new year. Here is the link (you can also find it in SIS under Documents).

Class of 2020 - Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Ephrata Mennonite School is pleased to announce the Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Ephrata Mennonite School's Class of 2020! Congratulations to.. 


Rondre Weaver, Valedictorian 

Shanda Nissley, Salutatorian


2020 Ministry Arts Team Tour

You can follow the 2020 Ephrata Mennonite School Ministry Arts Team Tour beginning on February 21, 2020 at ems-mat.blogspot.com.

Ephrata Mennonite School Building Project Update

The EMS Board is continuing to move the campus expansion plans forward. We have made significant progress, and at approximately $800,000 raised, we are nearly halfway to what we need to close on the land later this year. Currently, the board has settled on a two story building design (rather than the three story). And Hoover Building Specialists is pricing out the work, while we continue to push through the site-planning work led by Pioneer. Because we made some site changes to make the project more economical (reducing building square-footage, changing some elevations, etc), it has pushed back our closing date on the land until the fall of this year. Please continue to pray that the site work and building planning go well. Also please pray that God would provide a Director of Development to lead the fundraising efforts over the next several years.

Senior Trip 2020

As the temperatures drop here in Ephrata, PA, the EMS Seniors are making final preparations to leave for Nicaragua and enjoy 90 degree weather! You can follow their trip at http://ems2020seniortrip.blogspot.com/. Keep them in your prayers not only in travel, but even more that they would see God's heart for the people they will meet.

Core Value of the Year - "Team Player"

For School Year 2019-20 we are focusing on one of the core values from Ephrata Mennonite School's Mission Statement.


Ephrata Mennonite School partners with parents and churches to challenge students to become Citizens of the Kingdom of God, who are Lifelong Learners and Team Players, through Diligent Work and Academic Excellence.


This year's core value is "Team Player." For the first assembly of the year, the students enjoyed a skit to show how teamwork compares to a physical body that is functioning well. Be sure to look for where "Team Player" shows up throughout the year!

Ephrata Mennonite School Team Logo'd Gear Store

The Ephrata Mennonite School Team Store is officially open! Check out the website for clothing with the Ephrata "Legends" logo or the Ephrata Mennonite School logo. 

Ephrata Mennonite School Re-Accreditation!

To the EMS Community,


As you saw on our text message, we are very happy to be announce that we have been unconditionally re-accredited. We are rightly proud I think, that we didn’t just “meet” the 12 accreditation standards, but in 8 out of 12 standards we were judged to be worthy of the highest rating, “exceeds the standards.” I wanted to take a minute to personally write and thank each of you for your work in this process.


Our work around re-accreditation began nearly 2 years ago, as we assembled an Accreditation Team of students, parents, teachers, school leaders, board members, and pastoral advisers. After a full scale review and rework of our vision, mission, and other core documents, we dug in to the heavy lifting around school improvement planning. In that work all of you have  invested your time through responding to lengthy surveys, participating in school focus groups, and giving feedback on our improvement plan.


In particular, I want to thank the parent volunteers that participated in the many meetings of the Accreditation Team (Jay Martin, Steve Cassel, Keith Zimmerman, Lynn Zimmerman, and Michelle Stauffer). They did this, not for money or a career, but simply for the love of excellence and Christian education. Their commitment to building an Anabaptist school that is of the highest quality will reverberate down through the generations. And it personally inspires me, as the  school leader, to live up to your vision and commitment.


I also want to thank our student Accreditation Team members (Dylan and Durrell Martin, Aleina Martin, and Dallas Good). Their contributions, from a student perspective, were insightful and appreciated. And they did an impressive job in the opening presentation (for the accreditation team who came to evaluate us). They also graciously volunteered their time in service of creating a school that brings glory and honor to God through excellence.


Additionally, I want to thank our teacher Accreditation Team members at EMS (Arlene Birt, Brieanna Heisey, Chris Brode, Alycia Weaver, Leanna Martin, Michelle Weaver, and David Schrock) who were instrumental in doing much of the “on the job” writing and “rubber meets the road” work. And a big thanks to our entire EMS staff. They have invested their very lives in Christian education. As a community we are very blessed to have them. And we value their dedication to professional excellence.


Last, and certainly not least, I want to thank all of you, the EMS staff and students that worked hard to make EMS the great school it is. We appreciate your support and patronage of EMS, which really, has made all of this possible.


I am so thankful that God brought me here to be a part of this community and work. We give him all the praise honor and glory. And we look forward to implementing our school improvement plan for the next seven years.


To God be the Glory,


Joshua Good