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Letter From the Principal

Dear Families,

With the first full week of school behind us, I sense we are getting into more of a routine.  Part of this routine includes our amazing leader, Fr. Dick Sullivan greeting the children every morning at the front door.  We are incredibly blessed to have a priest that is so involved with all that is going on in the school. 

Hopefully, morning drop-off is getting better.  Remember the Griner Center doors open at 7:05 every morning and breakfast is served from 7:05 to 7:40.  On Tuesday, September 8th we will begin marking students tardy if they are not in their homeroom by 7:50 a.m.  If you have suggestions on how to make the morning drop-off more efficient please let us know.  We are working on ideas. 

We have more than 90 walkers currently.  Please be patient as we wait for LMPD to assign us a Crossing Guard.  They will also want to make adjustments to some of the turning signs that are currently in place.  In the meantime, we are looking for LMPD volunteers to help us in the afternoons.  We appreciate all of the police officers who have been generously donating their time to us. 

I want to remind everyone of our theme this year, “Everyone Matters!”  If you have a concern or suggestion for any of us, please don’t hesitate to initiate contact.  We want all students to find a real love for learning, feel they are valued, and know that they truly matter. 

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Tackett

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Faith Matters
by Maureen Rogg, Coordinator of Religious Education 

Welcome back to school!  The new school year brings many changes in the life of a parish, school, and family.  I have experienced a change, as well.  Previously, I had taught kindergarten at St. Michael for eight years.  For the last few years, I felt I was being called to another ministry.  After much discernment, I accepted a position with the parish. I began working as the Coordinator of Religious Education in July.  I will be working with Brenda Rickert as we work in children’s formation including the school children as well as those enrolled in CCD. 


I will have the opportunity to work with groups of students during their library/resource time as well as with their teachers in their classrooms.  In addition, there are many additional projects in development which I will share with you at a later date.


During these first two weeks of school, I have met with several fifth and sixth grade classes during resource time.  During our time together, we have set a prayer table and discussed the spiritual significance of each item.  Some are items which would be very familiar … a crucifix, statue of Mary, picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, a candle and a Bible.  As I set the prayer table this week, I included two items which immediately might not be understood to have religious significance.  These items were a rock and a piece of wood.  I challenged the students to reflect a bit why these items might be included.  One student suggested they were examples of God’s creation … a wonderful observation!


I provided a hint … they could be viewed as symbols of St. Peter.  We discussed the passage where Jesus tells Peter, “… and so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church…  (Matthew 16:18).  The wood represented Peter’s boat the setting for many significant experiences the disciples witnessed.  Further, Peter’s boat, “the bark of Peter” represents the Church.  Thus, a simple rock and chunk of wood can be viewed through the lens of our faith.


A fifth grade class had the opportunity to share the daily reading from Mass.  This gospel reading focused on Jesus teaching the Two Great Commandments … love of God and love of neighbor.  The students discussed how these commandments are similar and different from the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments might be viewed in terms of two categories … those which address God and our response to him and those which address how we engage others.  We discovered the Two Great Commandments are connected in a very real way to the Ten Commandments.


The sixth grade classes shared their favorite Bible stories as a way to introduce a guided mediation focusing on one of my favorite stories … the Emmaus story (Luke 12:13-35).  You will recall the setting of this story is the evening of the Resurrection.  Two disciples are on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  They encounter a stranger who asks why they are so dejected.  They engage in a conversation where the stranger explains the meaning of all which has occurred and explained the Scriptures.  They invite the man to stay with them to share their evening meal.  During the blessing of the bread, the two disciples recognize the stranger as Jesus and he vanishes from their sight.  The disciples immediately return to Jerusalem to share the good news of their encounter with the risen Lord!


As we engaged in a guided meditation, we imagined ourselves as a character in this story.  How would have we felt walking to Emmaus … Would we have recognized Jesus …  Imagine running on the path to Jerusalem in the dark …  What did these disciples discuss on the way to Jerusalem …


Guided mediations are a prayerful way to encounter Jesus in Scripture.  I invite you to use this form of prayer with your family.

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Letter from The Principal
Faith Matters
This Week's Events
8/31  Homework Club begins
9/7    Labor Day- No School  

Please Take Note

♦ Girls on the Run is a ten-weekgotr after school program for grades 6-8 that combines physical activity with inspiring, fun lessons that teach girls how to handle the difficult social pressures of adolescence.  For more information, visit  It's not too late to join the St. Michael team!  Registration ends Sept. 2.

♦ Homework Club begins today.  See Sycamore News for the sign-up form.

♦ For information about all our school fundraisers, please visit

♦ Today is the last day to re-enroll in the krogerKroger Community Rewards Program.  Please log in to your Kroger account and select St. Michael as your charity of choice.  St. Michael code is 29738.  Kroger donated over $13,000 to St. Michael last year.  We appreciate your support!

♦  It's time for the Respect Life Poster (K-2, 3-5) and Essay (6-8) contest.  Essays should respond to the prompt, “I know God is pro-life concerning (insert your topic of choice here) because…”  Deadline is Sept. 28.  Winners will receive a gift card.  See Sycamore News Article for more information.

Cafeteria balances are posted weekly on Sycamore by student lunch number.  Please ensure your child's balance is current.

♦ Join Shoparoo, Scan Receipts & Support St. Michael! News Items/Shoparoo Logo.jpg
Parents... Join the friendly competition to become your child's class points leader!

Follow the link below and download the free Shoparoo App.  In the 2014-2015 School Year, our supporters raised $706.91 just by scanning receipts!
  To join, follow this link:

Current Overall Stats as of 8/28/2015:
  Points: 24,337 ($48.67)
  Points Leader: Jessica Gearlds
  Grade Leader: 1st Grade

♦ First Box Tops/ $1 non- box topsuniform day will be September 16.   (20 per child or 30 for family) *This is a change from last year.  Students may submit box tops or bring $1 per child to participate.

♦ If your child would like to 
bring a personal electronic device from home, please ipadensure a permission form is on file with his/ her homeroom teacher.  Forms are available in Sycamore | Documents.

♦ Starting August 3, 2015, 100 schools will win $10,000 each in the Labels for Education lfeGrand Stand for Schools Sweepstakes. PLUS, there’ll be weekly prizes of $500. Submit UPCs and Beverage/Sauce Caps to your school’s Coordinator, or, enter with no purchase required at

♦ Save the date!  Grades 1-8 Mock Schedule Night will be Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m. in the CC and PTO meeting will be Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. in McCauley Center.

♦ We need YOU!  Please consider signing up for a PTO event/ committee or as a school volunteer using our online form at  There is something for everyone!

♦ Safe Environment Training is required for all volunteer positions.  There are several upcoming dates.  Please check the Archdiocese website for dates and times.  Also, background check request forms are available in Sycamore and on the school website.

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