October 26th, 2021
  • Our saint of the day is Saint Cedd, bishop of the East Saxons. He was the oldest of four anglo-Saxon brothers, all of whom were trained and became monks and preists in 7th century England. Both Cedd and his brother Chad became bishops and saints.


  • Volleyball sub district final vs Howells Dodge @ Howells @ 7 PM tonight. Good luck Lady Bulldogs!


  • Happy Birthday to Trysten G!  


  • March for Life kids, please meet Mrs. Lindhorst in the gym after you eat lunch to get your picture taken.
October 25th, 2021
  • Our Saint of the Day is Blessed Thaddeus MacCarthy, Bishop of Ross, Cork, and Cloyne. He was born in West Cork in 1455 and died in 1492. He was about bishop of two different dicoeses where there was already an acting bishop in occupation. 




  • Happy Birthday to Marley Hall! 
Flat screen TV's needed

Supporters of LHF - if anyone has an extra flat screen TV, we could use 4 larger ones here at school.  I would like to replace the old fat tv's in the library and set up a couple more zoom carts.  These don't need to be 'smart' - the old ones that don't have Netflix etc. built in would work fine. Thank you everyone for your help.

Bulldog Apparel

Open this news story and click on our link to Purchase bulldog gear such as blankets, jackets, gloves, scarves, headbands, etc!  All profits will benefit the HLHF spirit squad.

Karen Haase Parent Presentation

Parents - here is a link to our simple video of Karen Haase's parent presentation. Great advice for things to check to help keep our kids safe with their digital choices. 

Scrip Fundraising

Purchase holiday gift cards and/or gift certificates with https://www.shopwithscrip.com/ for simple LHF fund raising. Our enrollment code is 4FEC36FF4592L  Full Scrip Detailed packet can be downloaded here. Single page cover letter and order forms can also be accessed.

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