Shallowford Presbyterian School
2020-21 School Year

Thank you for applying to Shallowford Presbyterian School's grade school program for the 2020-21 School Year.


If your child is currently enrolled at SPS in K-4th grade, you do not need to re-enroll.

Re-enroll should be used for existing families when adding a new student.


Preschool (Toddlers-PreK) registration for 2019-20 can be found here. (2020-21 PS registration opens on Jan 27, 2020.)


An application fee of $129 is due in order to process your application. Instructions on how to pay the application fee will be given after you have completed the application.


2020-21 grade school tuition is 10 monthly payments of $630.00.

There is a curriculum fee of $200 and a 1 month tuition prepayment (to be applied for May 2021 tuition) due upon acceptance.

These payments are non-refundable.


The admissions timeline is as follows:

  • Nov 1-Feb 3: Application period
  • February 4-13: Student observations and interviews conducted
  • March 31: Decision letters mailed
  • April 13: Curriculum fee and tuition prepayment due in order to secure spot

If you have applied after February 3, we will contact you with a timeline for your child.

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  Current families wishing to re-enroll should choose this option.  
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  New families wishing to enroll for the first time should choose this option.