Deutsche Sonnabendschule Boston
2018-2019 Registration

How To Complete the 2018/2019 Enrollment Process

1.     Complete all forms

  • Go through the links on the left menu in order to review, edit and complete all forms. 
  • Click the blue "submit" or “update” button (top right corner) on each page to save your changes
  • Under "Additional Fields", if you select a Parent Participation Options, a family rebate of $400 will be applied to your invoice. Selecting "None Participation" indicates that you are choosing not to participate in the parent volunteer program.
  • Make sure we have a phone number on file for you (under "Contacts" -> then "Edit")
  • Under "Contacts" make sure you enter a third emergency contact
  • Review and agree to the school's "Terms and Conditions", "Photo Release" and "2018-2018 Parent and Student Handbook" and "Nikolaus permission form" under "Agreements".
  • In the "Students" sectionReturning students choose "New/Returning" in the dropdown for each student. Under "Students", click on "Add New Student" for each child you would like to add. For 
  • Under each student's name, click on "Applications" and fill out the form.
  • NEW: Medical information are required for each student.
  • Please add all Medical Insurance as well as Physician and Dentist Information in the "Medical" tab. 

2.     Submit your enrollment form

  • Go back to "Home" (button on the top left side of the screen)
  • The "Admissions Road Map" in the upper right is completed if all "Family Items" appear in green
  • If all forms are complete you will find the green "Ready to Submit" button in the upper right
  • Submit the application by clicking on green "Ready to Submit" button
  • Another green submit button will appear and you need to click it, too. After that your registration will be submitted.


Please join us at the school for registration in case you feel uncomfortable to complete it on your own. 



*** We apologize that we cannot provide any individual technical support via e-mail or phone***


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