United Faith Christian Academy
2020-2021 School Year

Welcome  Falcon Families to the 2020-21  Re-enrollment Portal. 


This portal is NOT for Preschool re-enrollment: please contact Mrs. Christine LaFrancois, Preschool Director.


Re-enrollment requires 2 steps:

1. Update information in this portal.

2.  Pay the re-enrollment fee per student.  Limited Time Promo rate of $300/student ends February 29, 2020.  Beginning March 1, 2020 (regardless of when you updated information in this portal), re-enrollment fee is $500/student.

Seats are not saved for students from year to year and re-enrollment is required for all families. 


Click Re-enroll and enter your Family Code and Password. (The Family Code and Password is the same as the Username and Password you used to get on Sycamore during the school year.)  Should you need help logging in, contact Kim Eustaquio, Registrar, at 704-541-1742 x235 or kim.eustaquio@ufca.org.



Other questions regarding re-enrollment or for clarification, please contact Tonya Bronson, Admissions Director, at 704-541-1742 x203. 


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  Current families wishing to re-enroll should choose this option.  
 Family Code
  New families wishing to enroll for the first time should choose this option.