St. Andrew the Apostle
2020-2021 School Year
  • You will need to pay your registration fees at the end of this enrollment.  
  • Registration is only valid with payment of fees.   
  • You are responsible for paying the registration fees in full.  They are non-refundable.
  • Kindergarten class is now on a wait list
    Registration fees are in addition to your pledge, tuition and/or preschool fees. 
You cannot do this from your phone app 
make sure your pop up blocker is off
When you get to the agreement section, there are 3 agreements that have a link for you to click on to fill out online.  It will open in a new window.  Once completed, hit submit and close out that particular window.  You will then be asked to hit agree to go to the next agreement until all agreements are filled out and agreed/disagree.   If you do not need financial assistance you do not need to fill out that form.  
If you are a new student we will need your baptismal certificates, birth certificates and updated immunization records (if we do not have on file) to complete your registration.
The pledge card you filled out in October is for sacrificial giving families.  You do  not need to fill out another pledge card UNLESS you are new family and do not have one on file.  Pledges run the calendar year, January through December.
This process is for registration fees and tuition and/or preschool contracts for the school year.
   I have fully read and accept the content of this message 
  Current families wishing to re-enroll should choose this option.  
 Family Code
  New families wishing to enroll for the first time should choose this option.